Of Graduation.....

The graduation season kicks off with the Ozlanders. Over the next year, I will attend a total of 3 Graduations for my two children, as well as congratulate 7 (if I counted right!!) nieces and nephews as they start on the "next" phases of their lives. I think, by June 2010, I may be all "pomped out under the circumstance."

That being said though, join with me as one young king undertakes his first little cap and gown graduation experience. Yes - it is the official "Pre-School Graduation"!

The kids had a ball! Received a diploma, a bible, sang songs, recited a poem, and ate hot dogs before doffing the caps and gowns and heading out on the playground to play. A good time was had by all - including the parents. And (if you can't tell) one young King was VERY proud of his accomplishment - finishing preschool! Next Stop? KINDERGARTEN!

Rock on with your ABC's - Rock On!

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