A Senior - Sigh

So tonight, the mantle was passed here at HMS from the Class of 2009 to the Class of 2010. And in that class? The cadet of course.

Here at HMS there is a tradition of the outgoing seniors giving the incoming seniors their class ring, and then the "new senior" turning his counterpart's ring around to signify that the baton has been passed and that HMS has a new alumni.
Here is the Cadet receiving his ring from a fellow wrestler and friend.

Two nice shots of the Cadet and the newest HMS Alumni

And here is a Shot of 2010 representing with two alumni (Jess is a 2008 Alumni and Tipper is the class of 2009)

It was a beautiful tradition, filled with grand ceremony - and now - gulp, I am the Mom of a senior. Scary but Fun!
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Carol P. said...

Wow, how on earth did this happen? The cadet looks so grown up! And the ring ceremony looks like a wonderful tradition!

(verf word - buton. Almost baton)

JO said...

Wow! Cool word verf - especially since Col. Bouton was a long esteemed member of the HMS Family. Buton, Bouton, Baton - it is all good Huh!

The Girl Next Door said...

Wow very cool ceremony. My kids merely came home from exams and said, "YEP we're seniors." Much cooler in your house.

BTW I remember when WE were seniors. So how did this happen?!