Soccermom SCORE!

Tonite was the king's end of soccer season pizza party. It was a day before the end of the season, as he still has one more game to play tomorrow evening, but his main coach is unable to be there for that game (he works in Farming and the crops are late in getting into the ground), so tonight was the big night! It was also a makeup game from a rainout we had on Saturday. It didn't help that mom was sitting there hacking, sniffling, and running a slight temp - that is to say that it didn't help MOM! The king was just fine with it all!

I only took a few pics, and imagine my surprise (cue Gomer - Surprise, Surprise, Surrrpriiiise) when I saw that I had a real soccer mom victory! The kid AND the object of the game in the same frame at the same time!

Go King Go! (In fact, he had several breakaways which shocked me - little guy is getting pretty good at ball handling - which he most definitely doesn't get from me!)

And finally, a throw in! (He did about 5, but I was busy chatting with the Moms on the sidelines to capture any of the others. Note the back of the coach's t-shirt in orange. I love it! It says "They Play. I coach. You CHEER". The Kids jersey's all say "I play, You CHEER". Hockey could learn a lot from that huh!

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