Sometimes ya just gotta make a list......

Saturdays should be for family fun right?  RIGHT?  Not if you are a mom though (C'mon you Mom's, you know what I am talking about!).  There is always the usual dance of picking up messes and the like, and then the added beat of athletics, and other stuff to do.  And for that, especially today, I am thinking I need a list.

But to be honest, my desire isn't coming from my left brain.  For those of you who know me well, my left brain isn't all that "organized".  It is my right brain, creative desire to see crap lined through on a list.  Not because it is done - but perhaps because I like to draw lines through words?  (Oh, and someone is going to have to teach me the code to word strike in Bloggert, that would be freakin AWESOME!)

So I thought, as I sit here this morning and compose my daily to do list, that I would share today's with you.  Note that it is somewhat shortened, as I am dealing with a spring cold, so am trying to conserve energy.

Pick up mail at PO (Rural living is fun huh!)
Drop the Cadet off on campus to head off to his Baseball Game (DONE!)
The King's Soccer Game
Hit a local Festival to locate the handmade pen vendor we found last year to get grad gifts for some of the cadets
Hit the library because as hard as I try, those damn books wont' return themselves!
Grocery Shopping
Clean out the car
Hit the storage unit to pick up a few things
Get a few loads of laundry through the system

You know, usual Saturday Stuff!

 Thankfully (for me) the Cadet's game is down in Fort Wayne, and would be difficult for me to get to, so I am off the hook on adding an additional athletic event to the "partay".

Of course, somewhere in this mix will DEFNITELY be a nap.  No doubt. 

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