Tech Musings

So I am trying out Google Chrome to see how it compares to my browser of choice Mozilla's Firefox .  I had read some reviews about it being faster, and minimizing latency, but wanted to see it for myself.  

My verdict?  Well, I have only been using it for 24 hours, and while it does seem to be faster on the load of Facebook, Gmail and the like, it has hung on me 2x, with indication as to why. In both instances, I jumped over to Firefox and there was no issue.

It's interface takes a little getting used to as well.  When I made the switch from IE to Firefox, there was a small learning curve, but Firefox made it "idiot proof" relative to things like going to your home page (I use I-Google so that I can snapshot the blogs I read, the news from here, Louisville and Toledo, see my garbage-y entertainment news, and the like).  The Google interface doesnt have that (that I can see).

I will say that it has Google's clean look to it, and offers a way to surf anonymously as far as your own computer is concerned (no cookies saved, no tracking, etc.), but the jury is still wayyyyy out as far as I am concerned.  We will see if it becomes my browser of choice anytime soon.

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