Thoughts of a four year old on Mother's Day.....

This morning, I was discussing Mother's Day with my youngest. The King, who never shares what he is really thinking (oh if that would be the case!) had the following to share:

In response to my teasing question of "What did you get me for Mother's Day"...

I'm thinking ProFlowers. (Um, why is Proflowers advertising on children's channels???)

In response to my statement that Mommy's don't always like to get flowers, a question from the King:

Mom, are you going to cook a fabulous homemade meal for Mother's Day? (Get real, me - cook on Mother's Day? I don't think so skippy! Oh, and Capt Oz - train your male progeny to NOT ask a woman if she is going to cook on Mother's Day, Her Birthday, Valentines Day, Sweetest Day, etc. Bad juju my son and hubby, bad juju! Oh, and where did you pick up the phrase "fabulous homemade meal"?? Seriously!)

The King asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day and I gave a pretty typical response. "Lots of Kissys, Cuddles, Hugs, for you two to be nice to each other, and for no fighting". His response:

"Okay, but if H beeze's mean to you, I am going to fight him" (Again, bad juju my son. Your big brother, just like big brothers everywhere, lives for the day that he can watch his little bro go all "spider monkey" - he just might beeze mean to me just to see you try!!)

Sometimes the morning commutes with the King can be quite.the.entertaing!

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