Way to Go Baby Girl!

With Mine that Bird hot on her neck, Rachel Alexandra and Calvin Borel beat the big boys to win the Preakness. Way to go Baby Girl, way to Go. (And awesome ride Calvin Borel!)


dkuroiwa said...

What a great race!!
Thank Goodness for YouTube so I can watch!!

JO said...

Calvin ROCKS. He is truly a backwoods cajun country boy with love of his Momma, God and Country (in that order - like most country boys). He knows his horses, and is as genuine as the day is long. When they entered Rachel, he knew he had to ride her as "I had never ridden her where she didn't win' (She has never lost).

Before Pat Day retired as a jockey, he was my absolute fav and I would always put "$2 on Pat Day to Show" (because no matter his mount, he was going to at least show!). I feel the same way now about Borel.

Sigh. I miss the twin spires of Churchill Downs.