Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed?

In reality, the title of this post should more likely be Bleary Eyed and Draggin Butt.

Last night, we spent the first night in the new apartment. The King seemed to be a little disconcerted, as he kept appearing at our bedroom door post- bedtime at 10 minute intervals for over an hour. Perhaps he did it longer, but this Momma fell asleep around 11:00 so I don’t have a clue.

The alarm went off seemingly wayyyyyyyy to early this morning, and I have vague recollections of waking up repeatedly over the night (you know, different sounds, different levels of light and on and on). I wandered down the hallway to start my coffee before hitting the shower and saw that the King’s TV was on. I went into his room to turn it off and I was greeted with “Hi Mom!!!”. Ugh. The King was up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:04 a.m. This after me having seen him at 10:50 last night!

Rumor has it from his father that the King went back to bed around 8 and slept quite a while. As for me? While the clock says I did sleep, I feel like I haven’t (you know, the gravelly feeling that your eyes have when you are tired?? Yeah, I have boulders). I could have used the nap that the King seemed to get. Unfortunately, I got to go to work instead.

Still up? T-Ball at 5:15 tonight (including everybody’s favorite….picture day), and Mr. Oz is planning on heading over to a buddy’s house to watch the Hockey Game where the Red Wings will slice, dice and julienne fry some penguin….and most likely zero accomplishment on the old move front. That is for tomorrow and Sunday I guess.


Carol P. said...

Uggghhhh! Picture day! Shudder! Hope it went quickly and you're about to craw into bed!

JO said...

Shockeningly, Picture Day took about 10 minutes, and they started us about 5 minutes early! Whoo hoo! An easy, nice picture day!

Carol P. said...

And the ground shook and the trees shuddered and the earth nearly came to an end????? WOW!