Clean Laundry

So one Cadet has a habit of leaving things in his pockets. You laundry do'ers know what I am talking about right? Money left in pockets benefits the laundress, etc. Except this kid LOVES to leave pens in his pockets of his pants/school shirts. And being a good "mommy", I usually do a Police-Style pat down to ensure that nothing ink like makes it into the wash.

Except I missed one last night. Ugh.

I opened my dryer to be greeted to blue ink baked EVERYWHERE into the porcelain barrel of the dryer. After throwing off a few #$%^&*^^%%$#@#, I snagged my netbook and began the search process to figure out how I was gonna fix this. (I know, I know, the CADET should have fixed it - but - he is a sixteen year old boy, and my dryer is only 1.9 years old).

And luckily I found success!

So if you finx yourself with an inky mess in your dryer - do I have the solution for you!

4 parts bleach to 1 part water - soak 4-5 white towels in the solution until they are wet but not soggy. Run the dryer on high for 15 minutes. Then check for ink spots that are "heavy" in the dryer and spray with a cheap perfume/cologne. Immediately wipe the cologne off. Air out the dryer for a few minutes (to remove the flammability of the cologne) and then run the still damp bleachy towels for another 15-20 mins. Yay! One clean dryer - seriously!!! No.ink.at.all!

The kid is lucky - if it didn't get clean - somebody was gonna have to dye.

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Jennifer H said...

awesome, mama oz. think i'm gonna have to print that out and keep it for my own personal reference!