I guess that is one way to declutter and clean......

Ever since we moved up north, I have had grandiose ideas of finally decluttering the "last" of the crap that seems to accumulate. Yeah. The best intentions and all that jazz huh.

See, in Louisville, we had a 2800+ square foot house (Plus around 1000 feet of storage, and a two car garage that the cars never saw the inside of...), and here in HMS land, we have around 1200 s.f. And some of that square footage encompasses a realllllllly long hallway that doesn't count as a crap storage area, or even a place to put furniture. That makes it wasted space to my way of thinking!

Don't get me wrong, I did manage to get rid of a TON of crap before we ever moved up north. I knew we were moving to a smaller place, and did manage to get rid of quite a bit - but in the (almost) two years that we have lived here at HMS, I have managed to make some of that back.

In my bedroom, there are still several boxes that have never been unpacked from the move north. In the King's room, same thing applies. Out in the living room, there is a toy box which seems to contain almost every toy the King has ever played with - from birth to five. All of this adds up to me not winning the housekeeping hall of fame award anytime soon! It also adds up to me not ever feeling like the joint is cleaned, in order, or "home". (Thankfully, I don't think the boys feel that way).

But I have an opportunity staring me in the face. See, the Ozlanders are on the move again. No, don't ready the pencil eraser for your address book, our address doesn't really change. We are simply moving to a different apartment at the opposite side of the barracks we are in. The other TAC officer won't be returning this fall, and this move puts Capt Oz right outside of the "action" in the barracks.

It also provides some benefits that our apartment doesn't currently provide. For example, the other apartment has a shed. We have none. The other apartment has a small yard/courtyard that will allow for a play area for the King. We currently have a parking lot where we have to ensure someone is with him all the time - as cars FLY around a corner and directly into his play area. The other apartment has a different layout, allowing for the Cadet's room to be at a distance from the King's room - our current apartment has the Cadet entering his room THROUGH the King's room.

The move should be a relatively simple one. We don't even have to go outside at all - just out our kitchen door, down a 100 ft (approx) hallway, and then into the Kitchen Door of our new place. No moving boxes to speak of and no moving trucks!

So over the next week or so, I will be clearing out one apartment and filling up another. At the same time, I plan to draw a "line" in the sand on clutter and crap. Given that we can move at our leisure (which is the first time that has ever happened), I can actually take the time to do this one right.

Therefore, I resolve that the Kings WHOLE toybox is NOT moving to the other apartment. Goodwill can be the benefactor of old toys. The boxes of crap still in my bedroom? Not moving them either. They are being sorted, donated, or trashed. With this move....the clutter is going, going, and GONE. With any luck, it will stay that way.

As Martha Stewart would say "Its a Good thing"!

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Carol P. said...

Woohoo, good for you! I keep telling S that too much storage is as much a problem as too little. We really need to declutter ourselves, but like you, have 0 time to do it. You're lucky to have the luxury of transition time to do it carefully!

Good luck!