I think I get it now...

I think I had an epiphany tonight. Not of the religious kind, more so of the personal kind.

As I was aimlessly (only for a moment) wandering through the old apartment, feeling aghast at all that was still left to do down there; looking at the piles of stuff in each room, the random move trash, the refrigerator that is still (somewhat) stocked, the odd toys here there and everywhere I sincerely thought "This is crazy and this is never going to be over". To wit, I gave a huge sigh and felt more overwhelmed than I have in a long time.

Then the epiphany occurred.

For the most part, we have moved everything that we need into the new apartment. Everything. Clothes. Toys. Books, Pictures, Spices, Cleaning Supplies, Washer/Dryer, laundry baskets, food, and the list goes on and on. Simply put, we had moved every single thing that had a home in the new apartment.

What was left in each room was homeless, (for the most part - except my main computer which is still broadcasting my wireless signal, weak as it is to the new apartment). I get this overwhelmed feeling when I clean as well - just before everything is done! It is the random "I don't have anywhere to put this" that causes the angst and gnashing of the teeth. Quite frankly, if someone from a cleaning service came in at this point, they would simply grab trash bags and trash most everything that is left.

Yet I can't.

Partially because there is still items in there that we need (my canisters? My electric can opener. Wall hangings). Mostly because I was trained (somehow - it didn't come from my father to be sure) to never throw "good stuff away". Yet I recognize that one person's "good stuff" is just junk.

I guess I didn't spell the epiphany out very well did I.

This move isn't taking so long because I am lazy or unorganized. Quite frankly, it is essentially over. The finish line is in sight and I am wearying only of the journey - "ready to be gone". The fat lady is singing, and the homeless must find a home quickly or be lost forever.

Either that or I should take stock in Glad Trash Bags.

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