It's a consipiracy!

Do you ever wonder if life conspires to ensure that you don't have a lot of time to do what you need to do sometimes?  

For example.  

We are facing this move right?  Which means that life has gone into weird mode so that I have little to no time to do anything to really prepare or get anything accomplished.

Sunday night, I had difficulties falling asleep.  No real reason, I just couldn't nod off until around 1:30 a.m.  That makes yesterday's alarm at 5:04 a little difficult doesn't it.  Yet off I went to work at o'dark forty-five - exhausted - but still moving "forward".  

I arrived home at the usual 4:15 or so, and Capt Oz was ready to get outta the house.  He had been here all day with the King (of course, the Cadet was OUTTA here for the better part of the day) and he wanted to head on up to Walmart to get some keys cut and the like.  After dinner and a Wally World wander through, we didn't arrive back home until about 7:45.    My energy level to get anything accomplished from that point forward?  Zero.

So off I went to be at around 9:00 - only to find that again, I couldn't sleep.  Didn't fall asleep again until around 12:30.  I know - I should have gotten out of bed and got some things done - but seriously folks, I was exhausted - I just couldn't nod off.

So here I sit, ready to head out, working on 4.5 hours of sleep (which I guess is better than the 3.5 I got Sunday night???).  Exhausted again!  And in looking forward - the King has a t-ball game tonight, one Thursday Night, One Friday Night- the Direct TV installers are coming on Thursday which means that the electronics need to be moved down to the other apt by Thursday a.m., we have a Graduation Party on Saturday in Defiance Ohio, and Captain Oz starts Camp Training on Monday.  Did you add all that up?  

Let me spell it out in all its overwhelming glory....

No sleep heading into tonight's t-ball game means  again I get nothing accomplished tonight. Tomorrow night is open - but then it is electronics moving time.  Then 2 hours out of thursday, two hours out of friday, the bulk of Saturday lost, Sunday open - and then I kinda am on my own to get this done. 

Its a consipiracy I tell you.  A consipiracy.

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