Of the Paying Kind

Headed off to work (of the paying kind) this morning after spending the better part of the weekend trashing, donating, laundry-ing and moving! Since I am sure you are totally sick of hearing about conspiracies and the moving process, I thought I would toss off a little Randomness – after all, it has been a while.

The Wee One is Growing Up - I was sitting at the table eating with the Elder and the Younger sons. They decided to be boys and start burping to make each other laugh. I tossed off a great “Mom” Look and said “That is Enough Guys”. The Cadet stopped immediately, and the King? Well, he burped “O-Kay”. Yeah. My youngest is learning how to burp words. That will be so impressive on his resume, don’t you think?

It is Never Sunny in Defiance Ohio – Last year, we attended a graduation party for Mr. Oz’s cousin’s eldest in Defiance. It poured to beat the band – even though the weather forecast was for no rain. In fact, on our drive home last year, right as we came through Bryan Ohio, the sun came out (and the birds starting singing, and the children playing…..). This year? No rain forecast, rain to beat the band again. Soggy Soggy Soggy. And on the way home? Coming through Bryan, the sun can out, the birds sang, the children played, and Mr. Oz and I cracked up at history repeating itself.

“Classic Cars eat money” – The Cadet is quickly learning that while it is fun to drive, and looks cool, and the “chicks dig” the classic car (his MGB), the cars tend to eat money for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He has replaced a heater valve, and a battery, and now officially wonders “what’s next”. Grin. Yeah Cadet, welcome to the Driving World.

Summer Camp Rocks Part Un – Mr. Oz will again, this weekend, go back to being Captain Oz, as he heads out to summer camp to take charge of his Summer Camp Kiddos. Unlike his school year job, this one does not allow for him to head home each evening – instead corralling and hanging with the kiddos. So for 5 days per week, I get to be a single mommy – and on the sixth and seventh…I get to run screaming from the house (I’m freeeeeeeee…..I’m Freeeeee!). Thankfully, the camp is only 2 miles away, so we still do get to seem him and such each day. So why does it rock? Queen size bed all to myself of course! I’m just sayin!

Summer Camp Rocks Part Deux – Of course, with the return of Capt. Oz, the King heads off to his pre-school’s summer program which is in a Camp format. They go to a local pool two times per week, have at least one major field trip each week (bowling this week), hit the library story hours, go to puppet shows and the like. The King was very excited this morning to head out on his “venture”. And me? I was glad to have the company on my early morning commute! (I missed the little guy over the past two weeks!).

So welcome to Monday all. Here is hoping that your Monday treats you like a Friday!

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