On this "Monumental Day"

How we celebrated your first birthday
Had a huge party with all of the relatives at our house on Blossman. People played beach volleyball in the backyard and we had tons of food. Cody and Blake argued over your new Little Tykes Car and Daddy had to run around to keep them away from it while he was building it. People kept stealing the car from them. You had a ball.
-1992 Baby Book Entry

How we celebrated your 10th Birthday
Dad and I went out to dinner in "honor" of your birthday. Of course, you weren't here - because for the first time, we aren't with you on your birthday. I hope you are having fun Howe Summer Camp! It is weird to know that it is your birthday and you aren't here. We love you and miss you!
2002 Letter from Home to the Cadet at Camp

How we celebrated your 17th Birthday
Thanks for coming home this evening to allow your brother to sing Happy Birthday! I know you were having fun with your friends and Girlfriend, and am grateful to have spent even a few minutes with you. You are becoming quite the young man my son. Seriously. Thanks for being you!

Happy Birthday My Son! You rock!

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Beth said...

I think I remeber that 1st birthday party :)