Run for Cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is officially time (yet again) to run for cover as one Cadet has become Indiana's newest driver as of 9:53 this morning on his very first try. Yup. It is official. The Cadet is thrilled - okay, beyond thrilled, as you can tell from the following pics.

Here he is on his first official drive alone. Be safe Cadet, be very safe.


The Girl Next Door said...

OH My Goodness. I feel your pain. The first time Sh took the car alone to the grocery store? I made her text me when she arrived. It gets easier, I will say that....

Carol P. said...

Two words:

Roadtrip Oregon!

(Easy for me to say, I've got a couple of years yet...)

JO said...

I guess I should have titled this Going Goin Gone. Since from the moment he wakes up until around 9 or so at night, he has been outta here.

I remember having go-itis when I got my license oh so many days ago...but...at least I didn't have a car of my own to be constantly gone.