Smokin Hot T-Ball

Yesterday, somebody (Moi!!) actually remembered the real camera so was able to take some snaps of the King playing t-ball. Around here, it is a really low key sport where everybody bats, everybody scores - you know - the usual "everybody feels good".

As the coach of his team, it can be difficult to impart knowledge to these little guys (like you have to run between bases when there is no chance of getting out, etc), but it is also really rewarding and fun!

Yesterday was the first day that it was blisteringly hot outside, so it made keeping the boys attention on the game a little difficult. "I'm hoooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttt" was a rallying cry - to which Coach Oz would make a big show of turning down the "air conditioner" to make them cooler. I don't know about cooler, but they sure were laughing at me as I was being goofy.

So without further ado - I give you the King - in all his t-ball glory!

It's always fun to play and pose in the dugout!

Keepin his eye on the ball!

and the ball is outta here!

roundin third and waiting to be hit home!
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