The T, The Ball, The T-Ball

Thought I would share a quick pic of the King doing the T-ball thing. I totally forgot to take the camera, so this was taken with Mr. Oz's blackberry storm. We are still figuring out the settings, so it isn't the greatest pic (yet!!). The upside is that Mr. Oz DID manage to get the King, the Bat AND the ball in the pic. Woo hoo! Way to go Dad!

Note the assistance being provided by the Big Bother. He was my "plate" coach. (Yeah - I am coachin the team!).

The King LOVES to play ball, but is still at the age where team sports throw him for a loop as he is still ME oriented when it comes to wanting to bat, play all the positions etc.. That's okay - we will get there. After all, Soccer became a team sport this season - so perhaps T-ball will come soon.

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