To my mom: Now I get it!!!!

Last night, as I was foraging through the kitchen to come up with a quick dinner after t-ball (and before I crashed, because my lack of sleep really caught up with me), I realized that I could whip up a quick beef stroganoff and get it on the table within about 15 minutes - if I only had some sour cream.  

Since the nearest Grocery is around 8 miles away in either north or south direction, and that my exhaustion really didn't jive with a "quick trip to the store", I sighed and kind of kept looking for another set of dinner fixins.

Then I heard the voice.  The voice of the teenager who has a license.  Yeah.

"Cadet, can you run over to the gas station and see if they have any sour cream?".

Jingling of keys - and out the door in a flash went the kid who "has car will travel".

Five minutes later, two containers of sour cream (overpriced of course) arrived in my kitchen in the hands of a teenager who was simply happy to have to run an errand for Mom.

I get it now Mom.  How awesome is it that there is someone in the house who is ready, willing and able to run out to get something for mom at any time - as long as it means that he gets to once again drive.


Carol P. said...

I dream! O! I dream! (Of course, I only go grocery shopping once a week, whether I need to or not, but I could certainly make use of more flexibility if it were available :) )

DF said...

And you thought that mom only wanted us to practice? Having kids with keys legally saves many trips and time.