A Triumph (of sorts)

Hey, were you all aware that we are moving?  

Over the past 8 days I have journeyed through many a box, bag, drawer, etc.  This process has been painfully slow (the move process that is!), but has also been rewarding.  Yes it has been rewarding in the sense that my laundry is now officially caught up (other than what we are currently wearing at the moment), and that I am clearing out pure crap and clutter, but moreover in the sense that I have stumbled through many old memories in the process.  

Pictures and "things" have been eliciting memories like nobody's business.  There are snaps of the Cadet when he was very small stuffed into nooks and crannies that I have uncovered, Glassware that reminds me of my mom and days of garage sale-ing.  Silver that hearkens back to my Great Aunt Peg.  Baby books, birth certificates, my first baby blanket, the quilt my mom made for the Cadet, the Kings first lock of hair from his first hair cut. 

Then comes the music.  Over the weekend, I was kept company by some old friends from high school. Amy Zaloudek, Allen Ingle, Kevin Phillips, and Mark Taylor - all old friends - were in the room with my as I was cleaning, trashing, and sorting through with the Magic Power of the band Triumph.  No, they weren't physically in the room, but they sure were there in my mind.  Wandering through high school soccer games, journey's to the Pizza Hut on Monroe Street, rival football games, Little Kings Cream Ale (ugh!!) and the list goes on and on.

While I have reconnected with three out of the four of these folks via Facebook, my "time" with them during this process, as well as with all of the memories that are swirling around during this move, has been truly heartening and uplifting. For just a few moments in time, I could go anywhere in the past, with an eye to the future.  For just a few moments in time, "I'm young, I'm Wild and I'm Free.  Got the Magic Power Over Music in Me......" 

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