Busy Night ahead!

Time to head out to Summer Camp to see Captain Oz and his merry band o'campers for dinner! Of course, after that, I am back home to make Orange-Chocolate Marscapone Pie, Lasanga, Cheesy onion garlic bread, and Insalata Caprese. This is all for a trip to my SIL's lake tomorrow to enjoy good food, fellowship and fun!

Are y'all SURE my heritage is German/Irish? Cuz my cooking sure the hell says I am Italian!

Add to that a double batch of triple chocolate brownies that I will take BACK out to the Camp tonight around 9:45 (still warm of course!), and you can see that it is gonna be a busy one.

That's okay. I have been off since Wednesday, and have pretty much been a slacker - so.....bring on the cooking festival! Pics to follow later!

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Carol P. said...

Put down the window shades when you make that stuff, or spaghetti even! Grandma F wouldn't want anyone to mistakenly think we're Italian!