Did ya miss me?? Yeah, I didn't think so!

Sorry for the 10 day silence. We have dealt with a stomach flu, strange happenings here on campus, the usual summer doings, and a dearth of blogging! Sorry bout that - just had too much going on, too much in the old head, and little desire to try and get it out on e-paper!So, lets catch you all up on the Oz family huh!

First up, T-Ball ended (two.weeks.later.) The parents of both teams decided they weren't ready to end the season at the end of June, so the coaches obliged and took the kids over to the other
field (we had been playing here at HMS), and set the kids up to hit off the pitching machine, as well as coach pitched to them. Here are a few pics of the last night of t-ball, and one young king who was enjoying the live action at the plate.
You can clearly see here that somebody knows how to keep his eye on the ball!
Way to go KING! (And Grandpa F - note those knees are bent!)

One of the best parts of T-ball is chattin with friends on the other team. That is what you get when there are only two teams in the league.

Next up - the boys spent some time over at the Pool here on campus. Oftentimes (with much prodding and offers of cash) the Cadet will willingly (NOT) take the King over to the pool to play around. Of course, once there, the Cadet has a good time and is glad he came - but.....you know....being seventeen and all - well - that means he has to act all "I am NOT going to take my little brother anywhere - no matter HOW much you pay me".

The Cadet doing flips off of the competitive platforms. For you lifeguards out there, no worries - the depth here is around 8 feet.

The King practicing floating on his back. Last year, when I would flip him on to his back, he would throw a royal fit! This year, he is doing it on his own. Next up - swimming lessons - as we definitely have a water bug in this one.

He shoots - he SCORES! One of the favorite activities of the young Oz and the Older Oz is the tossing game. The Cadet throws the King - the King holds his nose and giggles like a fiend, and manages to swim back to the Cadet to "DO IT AGAIN H...NOW". It is fun to watch them together - the cadet because he likes to see how high he can get his brother in the air, and the King because he likes the fact that his big brother is paying attention to him!

Yup, more tossing! They did this for probably around 15 minutes!

And finally - the obligatory - "Hi Mom" picture from the Cadet in the pool. Of course ya know this had to hit Facebook and Myspace as someones profile pic. (Note the mustache that he has been growing since the end of school - Niiiiiiiice - if that were Mr. Oz...it would have been a full one in about 4 days!)

There, now I can chalk "Cute kid pics update on the blog" off the old to do list! Grin. Only five more postings that have been rattling around in my head and I will consider myself "up to date".

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