Okay - That's Logical!

The King decided it was time for lunch. Okay, I am on board with that - I am a little hungry. So I listed all of the options. Pizza. Pizza Rolls. A Turkey "Samlich", or a Grilled Cheese "Samlich".

The King decided that a Grilled Cheese Samlich was just the thing.

Great! So I will sit here an watch the news and you can make me a grilled cheese samlich for Lunch Mr. King. Sound like a plan?

He looked at me with consternation and said "but I don't know how to make a grilled cheese samlich Mom".

Sure you do! You have watched me make it a bunch of times! You are smart - you can figure it out!

Again, there is a definite dark look on his face - and then his response -

Mom, you have to make it. I am not even allowed to touch the stove.

Okay smarty pants. Your logic wins.

(and off I went to make the Samliches)

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