Skiing and Playing in the Lake

Here is a quick camera dump from the wonderful 4th of July Festivites. Enjoy the kids...at the lake! It is "late" so I am sorry if these are "outta order". I don't feel like battling Blogger to get them "right"

Somebody swam (doggie paddled) out to where he couldn't touch to get a buoy that floated away. Note the concentration. (Side note - there were 5 adults within jump in distance of the King during this "adventure" - and he was in no danger)

Playing with the Water Cannon near the Shore
The Cadet Waterskiing. (Note that these pics are way outta order - later on you will see him in the water getting ready to pull up outta the water)

Playing in the water with Cousin A - The King had a ball.

Thought I would share something interesting about the above pic. Note the Jet Ski in the backgroundover the Cadet's right shoulder. That is the Cadet's Uncle Mike and cousin A. Note the Pontoon Boat over his left shoulder. That is his cousins C, B, and Ch. Weird that, in a bouncing boat on choppy water, this was a pic that came out!

The spray you are seeing is wash flying up durng a turn in the boat. The water was very choppy - and the Cadet did an awesome job since he only skied one other time - three years ago. He rarely fell - and had a great sense of balance. (No surprise!)
Yeah - told you these were out of order. This is the Cadet getting ready to take off just offshore at his Aunt's cottage!

The Cadet, The King and the Aunt Lori - heading out for some jet skiing fun!

The King managed to con his Aunt Alex and Uncle Ty into taking out the Water Peddle Boat,

Good times with Aunt Alex and Uncle ty!
The Cadet in all of his teenage glory (gory??)

The King getting ready to head out on the Jet Ski with his Cousin Blake - and Blake's buddy JR.

Hey mom - Will you Spot in the Boat for me? PPPPPLLLLLLEAAASE??

I am SOOOO not doing anything wrong! Bye mom!

All in all, it was a great way to spend the Fourth of July.

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Great pics of the kids!