Sometimes you CAN go home again!

Back in January, an email went out that part of our crew was turning forty this year. Just a part. Most of us had already crested that milestone. Then the thought came up that it would be nice to have a mid-life crisis gathering to help welcome the crew into their new "age". Any excuse to get together with old, (old?!!) friends.

So this past Saturday, the Ozlanders wandered off down to the toll road to gather with friends from the days of yore (or as the Cadet likes to put it - the days of the ice age..or something like that).

Many times, when you head out to reunions, you are concerned that "I look old", or "I look fat", or "I am not the same person I was then". But with these folks, not a bit of this mattered. Old jokes were still as funny as the day they were first born. The laughter came easy and deep - direct from the belly - and I genuinely remembered WHY I spent so much time with this crew when we were younger (some from Middle School to now...some from high school...some from the last 20 years!!).

The years had passed, the pounds had gathered, the hair had greyed, there were children now in the mix, and the tunes on the i-pod were now considered "80's Classics"...yet still - I think that each of us felt like - for an afternoon - we were simply hanging out in 1984-1985, that some of us would be making an illegal "beer run" in the gold Steve/Steph Power Camaro, and that no time had passed.

My girls. These ladies were three of my best 5 friends...and in fact, the one in the middle even joined me for a few of my senior pictures! For the family members who remember my "running around" years - from the left - Tammy (Nemire) Garrison, Amy (Zaloudek) Hibschman, Moi, and Stephanie Power in the back. I know that Tammy and Steph and I have seen each other several times over the past few years - yet Amy and I...it has been almost 17 years. Yet the giggles, the laughter, and the sideglances were just as if we saw each other on Wednesday!

Indeed it was a family party - and the Host - John Howard, took a really nice pic of the King...who had so much fun he couldn't STAND it. A pool with a slide, a trampoline, a basketball court, water balloons and Steve Power to play with - what more could he ask for!!

We are a little older, a little wiser, and a little more grey, but 21 years will do that to ya! Love ya Mr. Oz.

(Rear) - John Howard, Brent Kapelski
(Second Row) - Jeannette Power, Kim (Garnes) Howard, Teresa Kapelski, Stephanie Power, Steve Power, Capt. Oz, Ray Doherty
(Front Row) - Tammy (Nemire) Garrison, Amy (Zaloudek) Hibschman, Mrs. Oz.

Just for an afternoon - it was wonderful to go "home" again....more than wonderful - uplifting.
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Heather said...

You all must have had such fun! Thanks for sharing!

The Girl Next Door said...

Awesome photos all the way around. And YOU look totally hawt my dear. Glad you had such a good time with the peeps!