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Every so often I wander over to Google Trends to see what folks are searching for. Oftentimes, the #1 spot has to do with all things carnal (right now, the number #1 search on Google relates to ESPN Sports Anchor Erin Andrews and the peephole video), but beyond that, the search results can be a fascinating window into society as a whole. So for grins, I thought I would bring you a quick rundown of some of the top things folks are searching for...right now.....

  1. Erin Andrews - yeah - she has kinda ruled the roost. Like I said, all things carnal and all.
  2. Mitch Hedberg - seems a comedian from MN named Mitch Hedberg died. I am guessing he was somewhat popular since he is #2 on the search a rama - but I have to admit - i.have.no.clue who he is, and am not willing to click off to find out!
  3. The Other Me - okay, banally obscure this one is. If you click to find out what results were brought back, it seems to be a myriad of different things. Not sure why folks are searching for this (a 2000 movie, a disney episode, finding your inner self....sheesh folks, this is why your search results sometimes have no rhyme or reason - get a little more spa-cif-ic!!)
  4. Jamal Bana Death Pictures - okay - this one makes sense. Since the national news reported that this young Minnesotan's parents learned of his death after seeing an internet picture of him shot in the head - you just knew that the sickos and weirdos would be searching for it. Privacy people....PRIVACY.
  5. Jake Lloyd - This one is actually the one that caused me to write this post. Who the heck is Jake Lloyd you ask? Young Anakin Skywalker from the Star Wars I. Yeah. Seems he is "happy" to have had the role, but lamenting that folks say he ruined star wars. He's 20 - the world is full of angst for 20 year olds. Seems folks want to see his angst.
Just thought I would share.....what are YOU googling??

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Carol P. said...

Wishing I had time to google things besides work-related stuff, sigh. Up 'til 1 or 2am working, then back at it before 8:30am. This is going to end very, very shortly with the big deadlines on Monday and Tuesday, but in the meanwhile, no google fun for me!