The Alpha and the Omega

The past few days I have been in the whole "kindergarten and senior" readiness mode. It is the song and dance, or more aptly, the rigamarole that is involved in getting one child ready to enter his final year of thirteen years of education, all the while getting one child ready to take his first few steps into the journey of thirteen years of education.

On one hand, I have been discussing the benefits and detriments of colleges. The thoughts surrounding beefing up your "Resume" for colleges and the resultant things that a college might find interesting about a young man getting ready to enter college. On the other hand, heading into his senior year, I am amazed at, looking back, what he has accomplished that will look great to colleges! (9 varsity letters to date, two Bishop Sheridan Awards for Christian Service, Head Acolyte, Biochemistry Awards, Big Brother in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program...well diversified....) Pretty cool stuff. Now it is up to him, with the proper guidance from the 'rents of course, to make the most of this final year in high school.

Then there is the little one. He was short 3 different immunizations required to enter Kindergarten this year, so off we headed today to the Health Department where he was brought up to date. Yay. While he wasn't thrilled about getting shots, he was very stoic in the shot process...even declaring at the end of the final shot "Not so bad - I'm a BEAST". Yeah little beast, you are definitely a beast. Later this week, it is enrollment time. Then next week, he is off on the educational journey of a lifetime. Now it is up to him, with the proper guidance from the 'rents of course, to make the most of this first year and the twelve to follow in school!

As for me? Well, it is up to me and Mr. Oz to provide that proper guidance, and enough snacks for the boys to enjoy this amazing year in each of their lives. The Alpha and the Omega. Let's just hope that Mom and Dad are up to the challenge!

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