The Banner Above

Some of you may have noticed the new banner above. I know that one of my friends even commented on it in an email. Pretty Cool huh!

The two signs sit right over Captain Oz's desk in his office here at School. The larger one is his, the smaller one is borrowed from the Cadet. (As the cadet always says "A random Flying Monkey reference is always appropriate).

Some of the Cadets in the barracks find the signs hi-lar-ious...others (the newbies) aren't quite sure what to think of them. That's okay - they will soon realize that "the Great Oz" is actually the bearer of warm brownies and treats in the barracks (moi - of course).

They were purchased at that Amish Tourist Trap down the road - you know the place - Shi*youwanted - and you can obviously tell why Mrs. Oz "authorized" the purchase of the Great Oz sign - it is too cute and too funny! Hope it made you smile as well.

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