How did we get here?

I have spent the better part of the day pondering one thought. How did we get from here...

(The Cadet - 1997 - heading out the door to Kindergarten)

to here.....

(The Cadet - 2009, attempting to re-enact his Kindergarten picture)

(Okay, that pic was just embarrasing Cadet)....or more seriously....


The Cadet, 2009/2010, first day of school, Senior Year

Who is this young man who has replaced my little chubby cheeked bundle of energy. Who is this young man who thinks nothing of coloring outside the lines in Kindergarten - then reaches his Senior Year and is ready for Discrete Mathematics? Who is this young man who went from year round hockey, to varsity lettering in Soccer (4 years), Wrestling (4 years) and Baseball (4 years?). Who is this young man who was never sick or injured until he reached his teen years, then managed to obtain no less than 8 casts throughout the course of his high school career? Who is this young man who is looking at colleges not only for the "fun" they can provide, but the academic programs as well? Who is this young man who had no patience in teaching his peers new hockey tricks, yet desires to teach High School Students Chemistry? The Cadet, my eldest, that's who.

So as I ponder how we got here, to the start of the Senior Year of the Cadet, I find myself looking over the past 13 years and remember exactly how - through the Grace of God, the love and concern of family, the help and guidance of Academia, and the support of Orthopaedic Physicians in no less than two States. Yes...that is how we got here - now let his journey begin.

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