A person's a person no matter how small....

The King was never a fan of the book Horton Hears a Who. Perhaps it was just too long, perhaps the rhyming bothered him (although he had no problem with Dr. Seuess' ABC or One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish). It is just Horton that he desided he wasn't a "big fan of"*. Of course, it wasn't ever one of my favorites either, but I believe that is because I am not quite sure that we, as a collective Faison Family, ever owned it.

Fast forward to the whole "Dr. Seuess Books being turned into Movies". All of the sudden, the King is a BIG FAN of Horton Hears a Who. He can sit for 1:50 hrs and watch this with rapt attention, but still not want to sit through the book.


Well, first off I think a lot of it is tied to the fact that kids can way more watch TV than sit still for a book. But more importantly, I think that Jim Carey is far more entertaining as Horton than Mom's silly voices are.

Oh, and then there is the whole Jojo singing the end of "I can't fight this feeling Anymore" (Rock on REO Speedwagon).
The King totally identifies with Jojo McDodd. Little, nay small. Doesn't want to follow "lock step" with what the world wants him to be, he just has to be himself.

Yeah - that about sums up the King as well.

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