To the sounds.....of silence.......

(A cleanup post. This has been sitting in my drafts for a while.)

I started this post on August 2, 2009 - but then lost either the motivation, the time, or the energy to finalize it! Yes, I seem to spend more time apologizing on here than posting. For that....sorry! Here is a little "fly-by"...random style!

  • Over the last week, we have welcomed the arrival of Captain Oz's big brother Colonel Oz, as well as his wonderful wife, and beautiful kiddos A and A. (Yeah, how can you tell THEM apart when I post huh!). I am more than thrilled to have them here!
  • Captain Oz will be starting back to work soon. The economy has taken its toll on our enrollment, and the lower school numbers are very low, but with a hope and a prayer they will grow. He has a lot of fun things planned for the kiddo's in the barracks, and I genuinely believe it will be a good year.
  • Work is ugly slow right now - and I am not anticipating it to get any better soon. No surprise there huh! I fear that unemployment will be in my future - wait, I don't fear it - at this point, I almost might welcome it! Keep my job situation in your prayers. I do know, however it works out, things will be fine.
  • This summer has been a crazy one weather wise huh! Low temps, low humidity - almost fall like in its demeanor. Note - I am NOT complaining - the oppressive heat and humidity that is usually around right now is not always my favorite time of year either! It has just.been.weird.

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