With that new shoe smell

With that new shoe smell, and a backpack full of supplies, the King stepped out of the front door this morning, no longer a "little guy", but now a big Kindergartener.

In a total difference from his older brother, this little guy was verrrry nervous, and was concerned about his first day. It caused a few tears at the front door of the school (his...not mine, dad's or brother's), and while he was very excited, he wasn't necessarily thrilled.

But, he declared the day at school "AWESOME MOM" in a cell phone call to me upon arriving home (given that I was at work), and seems to be thoroughly thrilled about going back tomorrow.

(I wonder how thrilled he would be about knowing that he only has 3,639 more instructional days until he graduates!!)
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Carol P. said...

Ohhhhh, so cute! No more preschoolers in our kids' generation anymore!