Life as usual

This week has been a busy one - add to it the late summer cold I have picked up and you get a dearth of blogging!

I started my reduced hours schedule on Monday, which was nice. I converted the Monday hours to 7-11 rather than 10-2, as it works better for my schedule. It was nice to be able to make it home in time to eat lunch with the Cadets and Capt Oz! I actually could handle (although I am not sure how much if the budget could) this schedule each day of the week! Friday's aren't an option to do earlier, as like i said earlier, I am on point to take the King to school.

The King had a soccer game Tuesday night - which his big brother so kindly took him to. I was struggling with an ear ache and a slight fever, so the Cadet obliged his mother's request. Turns
out it was a game I wish I had seen. The king proceeded to score 7 goals and get 5 assists. Ah U-6 soccer and a little guy showing off for his big bother (intended misspelling!)

The cadet has 4 soccer games this week - Monday, two last night (Varsity and JV where he played Goalie) and then one Saturday.

As you can see, busy busy busy! And so, I leave you with a pic taken by the School from a Cadet Soccer Game. Not sure if it was this week or last - but nice form Cadet, Nice Form....

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