The Many Faces of the Cadet

The Cadet has many faces. Y'all know that right? During today's "parade time", Colonel Oz had the cadets setting up and practicing for the funeral of a longtime HMS employee who passed away on Friday. (He was Captain Oz's TAC officer when here, and spent 30 years overseeing the Maintenance Department for 20+ years.) His funeral will be held on Monday morning, and the Cadets will be lining the drive to salute his procession as it passes by on its way to the chapel.

Tomorrow, the Cadet will be performing Acolyte duties during the Chapel service as well as at the graveside service. But today, during practice? He was serving as the person in charge of getting the cannon to its proper position for the service. As the (backup) cannon driver, he often finds himself doing driving duties (because of his ability to drive a stick shift!!). Today was no different. So I bring you yet another face of the Cadet - Driver of the official HMS Jeep.

Moving the Jeep into position......

Pulling into the proper spot. Yeah - the jeep may be green in color, but as you can see from the tail pipe...it isn't so "green" in service.

And...finally in position.

Just another face of the cadet...soccer player, wrestler, cannon driver, acolyte, chemistry geek, baseball player, secretary of the poetry society, kmart associate, big bother, violinist...................who will he be next? Only he and his infinite wonderment of the world knows.
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