What happened to Summer/Fall???

A question for those of you in the Northern Climes (and even for those of you in the Southern ones as well!)….


What happened to Summer?  And where is fall?


Our first frost advisory has been issued, the Farmers Almanac indicates that this is to be a snowy and verrrrry cold winter…..and morning temps in the low 40’s (like this morning!), are definitely not a welcome relief from the Summer Heat…because we really didn’t have any summer heat.  I have already broken out the turtlenecks, and am wearing a winter(ish) blazer to work today.  Feels more like Thanksgiving out there (although the temp indicator outside says  it is 57 degrees) rather than late September.  


Guess I need to find the heavier coats before the first snowflake flies……

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Carol P. said...

It's like a switch was flipped out here. Highs in the low 60s and rain. After last week's 80s and even touching 90. The kids prefer this temperature range because they can wear their long-sleeved school clothes.

Next week, we're supposed to be back to dry and low 70s. Perfectly normal for this time of year, thank goodness. Winter's steady rains will be here soon enough...