Feeling Peevish

Each of us has our own pet peeves, right?  Or am I the only one??  Well, 10 minutes ago, two of my biggest ones happened to me – just two minutes apart.  Seriously.  Okay, so these aren’t items that would cause the next World War or anything.  They are just irritating (To me only, I am sure!).


Peevish Feeling #1

Wing into the ol drive through at McD’s.  Order up a Large Latte. Clarify during the order that I want “No sugar, No Syrups”.  


Why,  you ask – did I clarify?  When one asks for a latte without mentioning sugar or a flavoring it means that they want (um) an unflavored, unsugared latte, true?  Because a 16 year old burger barista about four months ago (at this same McD’s) told me upon me bringing a latte back that was laden with sugar and a hazelnut flavoring “well, you have to specify that you don’t want any sugar in your latte or any flavorings or else you will get them.  That is what a latte is.” 


No my pimple-faced purveyor of coffee from Fry-land.  A latte is a shot of espresso with heated milk/foamed milk in a ratio that is 3x greater on the milk than a standard cappuccino.  But I digress and am back to the ordering. 


The questions begin immediately upon me completing the statement “Large Latte with no sugars, no flavorings Please”.  “Will that be cold or hot”.  Hot please. What flavor did you want?”.   No flavorings please, and no sugar.  “Whole milk or Skim Milk”  Whole please.  “And what flavor did you want?”.  NO flavor please, and NO sugar.  “But it comes out of the machine that way, you have to select a flavor”.  Did this start like today?  I get one of these every day…is this something new?  No, it has always been this way.  Lattes come with a flavoring and with sugar, straight out of the machine”.  I had one yesterday from this store, and it didn’t.  “You must not have had a latte.  You probably got a coffee with cream”.  Um, no.  So you are saying you can’t just make a plain latte?  “Only the cold ones”.  Thanks I will head to a coffee store and get my coffee.  And as I pulled out of the drive through line, I heard her say “So you want a cold latte?”  (Side note, McD’s creates a hot latte, then ices it down to make their cold drinks…so her question and statement was, at best, stooooooopid.)


Peevish Feeling #2

Wing across the McD’s parking lot and into the Burger King drive through.  Order up a large coffee.  I am sorry ma’am.  We don’t carry large size coffees.  We have a 12 ounce, a small and a medium.  Which would you like.  The largest size you have? (I say this with my voice going up as a question, versus a statement, I guess).  Ma’am, we only have 12 ounce, small and a medium.  Which size?  I couldn’t help myself.  I went there, or yes I did.  I said – “If you have a 12 ounce, a small and a medium, then what you really have is a small, a medium and a large.  The size I want is none, because your company is stooooooopid”.  And I pulled away.  Dudes, if you have 3 sizes, you have a small, a medium and a large.  If you have two sizes, you have a small and a large.  If you have one size…you have one freaking size and I don’t have to tell you what size I want.  


Thank’s to the fine folks at the gas station – they had coffee…just plain….with some cream…..and didn’t even question my choice when I got to the register.  



Carol P. said...

This is why I don't drink coffee (lol). But I've had the same discussion over happy meals and the drinks that come with them. M doesn't like soda, and for a long time, bottled water was just asking to be spilled. You wouldn't believe how many times I had to argue with them to give me a cup of water with a lid and a straw. "You can't do that! We have to charge you for that!"

But every now and then one of the 16YO window-folk calls me "Miss" instead of Ma'am, so it's worth it...

Verf Word is nocost . I kid you not.

Carol P. said...

Now the verf word unkiest. As in, "McD's drive thrus sometimes have the 'unkiest' service." If unkiest isn't a word, it *should* be.