The Fork in the Yellow Brick Road

On Thursday, my company let me know that I would be facing a layoff December 4th. Not a temporary one, a permanent one, with a small severance and a reference letter.

Given the economy in our region (Top Ten in the Nation Bay...bee), the liklihood of me finding another position is kind of minimal. At least for a little while.

I will be eligible for unemployment (around 52 weeks or something, given all of the state and federal extensions), and since I am in the RV industry, as long as funds are still available at the time I can be "certified" (and I am certifiable), I will be eligible for around $6K in educational funds.

This wasn't really a shock, and quite frankly, was kind of a relief when it finally happened. Business has been off, and each day it was a struggle to find enough to keep this hyperactive worker-bee busy.

Not too stressed about the layoff, or lack of future career opportunities. We here in Ozland have decided that, at least for a little while, I will be a stay-at-homer with the kids - given their activities, and the like. Plus, I will be off for the holidays, so will have an opportunity to spend time with the family as they have their holiday vacations from school. That will be fun!!

Funny, the Cadet is probably the most happy that I will be home, at least for a little while. I think he has impressions of homemade cookies, no more chores and the like. Boy is he in for a surprise! At least relative to the chores. As he is seventeen - I refuse to enter his room (a pit!), refuse to do his laundry (college is coming and he needs to get used to it), etc.

T'won't be an easy financial transition, but is definitely doable with some changes. Of course, I won't have the 70+ mile a day commute, and the breakfasts/lunches out (I never could get the hang of packing my lunch every day)....so those costs alone will make a big difference!

Just a small fork in the ol' yellow brick road....and in this case, the road less travelled for me (staying at home - I haven't done that since the Cadet was 18 months old) will be a new and interesting sidepath.


DF said...

After a short break to mentally freshen, think about something you can do from home, like help Bonnie from Humanna, on a part-time, contractual basis. Also offer some contract help as a 1099 recepient to your old employer.

First up though, is the break. that will help bunches. Sorry for the change.

Beth said...

When I decided to quit my job to stay at home, I really thought I was going to be bored. Boy was I wrong! I'm sure you'll find plenty to keep your days busy!! I'll be praying for you guys (and that you are able to enjoy your break)!

JO said...

I am totally sure that I will have tons and tons to do during the day. Plus, it will give me time to hang with the King and hit the Cadet's wrestling matches, as well as work with him on College Apps...so....

Carol P. said...

Sorry to hear this! Good luck with the change, and I agree with DF about looking for something that keeps your head in the game a bit. But enjoy the break first!