And so it begins.....

The Cadet's college applications are in various states of "process". Some completed and submitted (Carthage College, Manchester College), some almost complete (Duquesne University), and some just started (Seton Hill University, Michigan State).

One college has asked for updated SAT scores (he is retaking the SAT's this Saturday in an attempt to raise his scores) before making an admissions decision (his first choice - Carthage College), he has received his first acceptance (Manchester College here in Indiana, one that he is very interested in), and the remaining colleges - well, they might want to get his application before making a decision dontcha think?

Of course, now we have a few college visits to complete, and after the first of the year, FASFA (Financial Aid) forms to complete, and new SAT scores to review, along with the usual begging and pleading to the various financial aid offices to see exactly where the Cadet will be best suited - especially given the upcoming change in our finances. I guess the good news is that we will be eligible for more aid given my layoff....but we shall see. Just the thought of all of the work for the next stage in his educational journey seems overwhelming and daunting, but perhaps that is only because I just took my cough medicine with codeine and my mind is foggy....nah....it really is daunting! Yet a necessary evil and more importantly, an exciting new "journey" as the parents of this Senior in HS!

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