Days like this?

(Warning – the sunny disposition in the following posting is in direct correlation to my not falling asleep until 11:30 p.m. last night, then awaking at 2:00 for a 45 minute coughing fit, followed by being awakened by the King at 3:00 for a tummy ache that lasted an hour…followed by my glorious ride into the office this morning.)

Vehicles are killing me here. Seriously. KILLING me.

This morning, I decided that I would drive the van to work, rather than the car. I noticed yesterday that the car brakes were pulsing a little, and just before I got home last night, I noticed a metal on metal grinding noise out of the front passenger rotor. Okay, so I am typically oblivious to car sounds, but this one I managed to catch. Thinking, alrighty, this sucker needs a brake job, I decided to take our other vehicle.

About 13 miles away from work (at O’dark 30 of course) , the oil light comes on and the van starts ticking like a time bomb. Lifter noise everywhere. Great. Now I am haven’t been the best at getting regular oil changes, usually going between 10 and 15k between them (don’t give me crap, I am SOOO not in the mood right now). And I am due. The last oil change I got, I ended up having to change the oil the very next day (along with an engine flush) because scummy gunk had broken away and caused pretty much the same thing. So today, during my lunch hour, I will head off to the local quicky lube instant oil change place, say a prayer, ask for an engine flush and an oil change – all in the hopes that whatever is clogging and causing the system to not get enough oil up to the lifters will correct itself. Again, don’t give me crap, I am not in the mood (knowing that this issue is caused by shoddy maintenance by me!!).

Then, at some point, I will schedule a brake job on the other vehicle (along with replacing the remaining wires to the spark plugs – a story for another day – but nothing that needs done ASAP).

I think I have had my fair share of “days like this” recently…which must mean that 2010 is going to be a ROCKIN year for us in a good way. After all – karma can kick ya only so many times before it moves on to its next victim.

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