if it was Monday, it must be random.....

It has been a while since I have "randomed" a posting - so a few random happenings and musings from today.
  • Today, the Court system managed to oblige and all of the proceedings ended just before 11:00. That meant that my workday was an "easy" one! In at 7, off to the courtroom at 8, and on my way home at 11. YAY! Oh, and in case you were wondering, the embezzler received 8 years total sentence broken down into 4 years incarceration, plus 4 years "reporting probation" (which won't apply because she will most likely be deported upon completion of her sentence), and a really interesting speech from the Judge overseeing the proceedings. To say that he was a little irritated by little Miss Felony and her criminal antics, would be an understatement. While I don't know the judge personally, I have spent approximately 15 mornings in his courtroom, and have not heard him speak to a defendant or her attorney with such disdain or consternation until it came to her. One of my personal favorites? "Make no mistake about it, I am here to tell you that if anything occurs during your incarceration that would cause you to be back in this courtroom, I will, without question, enforce the complete sentence of eight years." Wow. Nice. Thanks Your Honor.

  • While the Tell Tale Heart may still be ticking, the van no longer is. Can I get a big ol' yay!? Captain Oz took it to our old standby, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, and had them do an engine flush treatment. All is good - I think. We shall see as I will take it in the morning for the ol' 70 mile commute, and will only declare it "okey dokey", when I have managed to make it back home with no issues. Like the narrator in Poe's classic..."TRUE! nervous, very, very, dreadfully nervous I had been and am"....but am hopeful that unlike the narrator, I will no longer hear the tick tick tickin.

  • The Cadet has found out that he will most likely be working at the Mart of K's for the majority of his Thanksgiving break. On one hand he is all "yay...money!!!". On the other hand he is all "boooooooo....I get no break". Welcome to the real world kiddo! Welcome. to. the. real. world.

  • The latest Governmental increase in unemployment benefits, and its upside to folks in my great State means that I will be eligible for....99 weeks of unemployment. No. Seriously. 99 weeks. Wow. Of course I have to apply for jobs, try hard and all of that, but...I genuinely think that a time period of 99 weeks oughta do it.

  • Have to share one of the funniest lines I have heard on TV in a long while "I had to make chicken and rice with a vegan guy. Do you know what vegan chicken and rice is? RICE!". Okay, maybe you had to be watching the Big Bang Theory. I about spewed my Diet Coke halfway across the room. But I didn't. (ignore the carpet cleaner, you don't see the carpet cleaner).

  • Summer weather in November is weird. The air conditioner is on, the house is warm....and it is November. Weird.

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