Late Summer Days...

The Cadet came back from Acolyting at church for both services this morning (and a lunch with the Asst. Superintendant), and couldn't resist the lure of taking the MGB out one more time. With the gift of a late "summery day" of 72 degrees and sunshine as far as the eye could see, who could blame him! I almost did the same, before he got home..of course he would have been upset because the car would have been gone, but that is a Mom's perogative right?!

You can't beat a late summer day in early November. Especially since we didn't have any summer to speak of really!

As an aside, tomorrow, I will head into work (in the car - the van is still sounding its death knell I fear), and HOPEFULLY wrap up an issue that I uncovered when I started there two years ago. Providing the defendant hasn't prolonged the agony any further (she has managed to do so for over a year and a half!), my half-day Monday will be spent in our local Superior Court, watching the sentencing of a former employee who managed to create a ghost employee and have a "little" embezzlement par-tay. Should be interesting...and hopefully very satisfying to see to its conclusion of something that took so much of my time and energy early in my employment - just before my employment ends with them.

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