Marvel Mystery Oil??!

So an oil change at ProMotors and an additive of Marvel Mystery Oil seems to have (again!) dodged the bullet on the old van situation.  At least for now.  I was a little concerned when I started it up and still heard the lifter noise pretty easily, but by the time I had gone a mile, the lifter noise was gone and the van was purring like it always has. They said for the next 500 miles, I still may hear the noise off and on as the detergent in the mystery oil stuff goes through the system and breaks crap down, but that it shouldn’t last long, and hopefully should continue to take care of the problem.


Oh yeah, and they recommended that I actually change my oil more often – say every 2,000 miles (okay seriously dudes, that means I will see you in like 26 working days).  Sigh.  Perhaps I oughta listen to them (and my wonderful husband who says the same damn thing!)


Either way – the day (and my Karma) may be improving!  



Beth said...
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DF said...

Automatic transmission oil will do the same cleaning as Marvel Mistery Oil.

Change the oil more often. Get the Cadet to change it for you, that way it costs less. AutoZone, Advance Auto etc recycle the oil. The toughest thing to get rid of is the filter.