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When Colonel Oz and his family moved to the area, they bought a property that would be conducive to playing Old MacOz Had a Farm. Of course, this thrilled the King to no end as he has a place to go and hang out with a boy-cousin close to his own age, ride tractors, and see what has become a pretty real working farm. There are loads of exciting animals - including Four Goats, around 25 Chickens, a couple of roosters, a pony, two donkeys, four bunnies, a boatload of barn kitties, two dogs, a fish pond, frogs and turtles (I think), and a partridge in a pear tree. (Of course, just kidding on the partridge, but I think there may be a pear tree on the property!) So rhetoricallly, what's not there for a five year old King to love??!

Last weekend, he had a sleepover at the Oz Farm, as his brother, Mom and Dad had a college visit to attend, and he was soooo excited that he could ride one of the newest additions to the farm - a horse!

So I present to you...the King...and his cousin's Al's pony! Don't ask me the name...I honestly cannot remember ("move or you're glue" comes to mind...grin).

The King, the Colonel, and "Move or You're Glue"
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