Takin out the "trash"......

A week and a half ago, I came down with the nasties. No, not of the swiney variety (at least I don't think so!), just a late summer/early fall cold. My fault totally, I had totally let my resistance get down in September and early October, and never really rested enough to get over my ear ache/cold thing early in October.

Of course, given all of the viruses (viri??) that are out there right now, the old body was simply just RIGHT for a cold/flu type thing. And of course, living in a communal environment like the school, the environment was just right too!

Then again, I couldn't go it alone in this whole process, I had to take the Cadet and Captain Oz down with me! The Cadet returned to school this morning (he was out Thursday, Friday, and was outta commission until Sunday a.m.), and Captain Oz managed to work through Thursday before having two scheduled days off. The King? Oblivious, and totally healthy - thank heavens.

All that having been said.....

Today is the first day that I have had enough energy, and haven't coughed/sniffled my way through the day so heavily that it made the day tough. Plus, since Halloween was over, there were no costumes that I had to go crazy over or to divert my attention.

So what did I do?

Well, after my four hours of work this morning, I came home and managed to, for the first time in a week and a half, clean up the joint. The washer was a washin, the dryer was/is a spinnin, the vacuum was a runnin, the dishwasher was a washin, the carpet shampooer (yes, I own a small, light duty one) was a shampooin, beds got a changin, and Mrs. Oz was a runnin around getting everything back in order. Or as I like to call it...takin' out the trash....

Couple more things to do (that I can get accomplished in about 20 minutes) then I can stick a fork in it - as it will be DONE.

Yeah, I know, since I was feelin "so good" perhaps I ought to have rested a little? Well, that is the plan for this evening - and thankfully, since it is all done, I won't stress about the cleaning "not being done".

And it is a good "feeling better already" feeling.

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