WTG Cadet.....

The Cadet received several pieces of good news yesterday, which made him declare it a “good day”.   First he received word that Manchester College had awarded him an Achievement Grant to the tune of $3k per year, renewable for 4 years.  This is in advance of any scholarship and financial aid that he might receive if he so chooses to attend, and prior to the filling out of the dreaded FASFA form.  Good Job Cadet!

He then received word from the Head Coach at Waldorf College  in Iowa, that he is an Official Recruit for their Wrestling Team.  They are a NCAA Division III School (as is Manchester).  The Cadet was very excited that a college would be looking at his ability to wrestle for them…especially an Iowa College.  

Yeah, you could say his parents are pleased as punch. 



Carol P. said...

Woohooo, Congratulations Cadet!

DF said...

Great job, but what about UNC???????