The Many Faces of the King

The King has many faces....these three were brought to you courtesy of Christmas day!

Here is the King in the Armor of God Outfit. he asked Santa for this Christmas. Belt of truth, breastplate of Righteousness, Helmet of Salvation, Spirit of the Word Sword, Shin Guards of Peace, and Shield of Faith. This was him...all dressed up Christmas Morn (which is a wayyyyy better picture than if I would have taken it this morning - when you would have seen the full regalia on a little boy who was only in his underwear. Yeah - that was hilarious!)

A little bit later found him dressed (in Power Ranger PJ's of course) as BibleMan...ready to take on the world of slackers and unbelievers. Yet another item he sat on Santa's lap and asked for.

Aaaaaaannnnnnnddd finally. Here is Indiana King all ready to go adventuring Christmas Night in the hallway at Grandpas. Whip - CHECK (thanks Cousin B!!), Adventuring Hat compliments of Grandpa from a WWII journey to the Phillipines - CHECK. Attitude?
CH CH CH CHEEEECK! Now where is that Ark of the Covenant....or his brother....both require heavy whip usage by Indiana King....

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