The SIghts..the Sounds..The smells

I am becoming quite known around the school for various dishes, desserts and candy that I prepare throughout the year. The boys in the barracks pray each evening that the smell of brownies will waft from the door. The wrestlers enjoy chicken and noodles and sloppy joes, batallion staff requests anything homemade from Mrs. O's kitchen, the teachers and the Superintendant are starry eyed for the Chocolate Toffee Caramel Apples, the head of the Varsity Club eagerly anticipates the next time I make caramel corn, Captain Oz is partial to the Creamy Pesto Bacon Chicken Gnocchi...the list could go on and on...

Since the Christmas season is in full swing here in the land of Oz, the smells emanating from the kitchen have been driving folks insane around the joint. (Okay...mostly Captain Oz and the boys!!)

Today's task? Caramel Corn, Bavarian Chocolate Mint Fudge, Aunt Peg's Candy (the brown sugar/pineapple fudge), Buckeyes, and Chocolate Crinkles (but I made them with milk chocolate rather than unsweetened chocolate - so they taste like a mild chocolate sugar cookie).

Tomorrow's Task? The Apples (caramel/chocolate), and Caramels, along with Peppermint Biscotti.

Thursday's task? Deliver goodies to various folks around campus...wishing them a Merry Christmas....and then most likely a nap.

Yes...I am my mother's daughter. A home baked goody festival (most of which I don't even like!)...then a nap!


DF said...

And you are sending me what????? I'll bet your place smells great!

JO said...

It does smell awesome around here. I am up to 4 batches of peppermint biscotti...and probably 1 more before I see y'all next week!