Sunny Side

And on the sunny side of life (since it has been so damn cloudy of late!)....one young Cadet wrestled his second match of the season this evening.

His opponent was a wrestler whom he has met on the mat in years gone by. (Two years ago I think was their last meeting, and the cadet was beaten by this young man 18-9).

Before he left tonight, he said "I am gonna make this guy bleed. Then I am gonna beat him". Yes, wrestling isn't often a blood sport - but when some of the guys cut weight, they manage to bleed pretty easily - and the last time the Cadet wrestled him, his opponent bled 4 times and used pretty much all of his blood timeouts. (Before you all worry about the Cadet too much, he can't cut weight - his body fat percentage is too low - the most he could "legally" lose is like 2.4 pounds)

So the match started. Went three periods. And the cadet made his opponent bleed (via the nose), and then the Cadet won. 11-9. Way to go Cadet! The match was awesome and impressive!

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