Funday Monday......

The King's school handed out free bowling coupons for use over the Christmas break.  Of course, the hope is that the parents will take their kids bowling for the "free" game, but pay for one or two more, as well as shoe rental. Of course, they never met a laid off Mom who could "surprise" her kiddo with a little afterschool fun...by saying "now, we are only going to bowl the one game, because we have other things to do".

So, for the cost of shoes for the King...he had an unexpected "break" from the after school routine.  Come along with us as he has a little fun!

Nice Form King!  (Good thing there are bumpers huh!)

And what did he "get" for his nice form?  Well..he bowled a 75!  Not bad for a five year old that has hands that don't really like to fit in the ball....It definietely looks like he had a lot of fun though doesn't it!

As we were getting into the car, the King reminded me that he had a "gift card for Mcdonalds", and that he really could use an after school snack.  I reminded him that I had brought a snack for him (banana and juice box) that he had already decimated, but I couldn't fault his logic when he said "but Mommy, with a gift card, my cheeseburger would be free".  (Okay, I could fault his logic....but he wouldn't understand).

Figuring that we could continue the Funday Monday routine, off we went to the McD's drive through for a Mighty Kids Meal to take home for a snack.  Now, lest you think I am an awful parent for feeding him a "meal" at 4:00 in the afternoon - he didn't go to bed as early as he should have last night, and was up at 5:30 this morning, so I was actually hedging a bet that he is going to crash out before dinner tonight.

MMMMM....cheeseburger and apple dippers.  Nothing better!

Of course, one of the best parts of a Kids Meal from McD's is the toy, right?  Well...not so much this time for the King.  Although he was expecting to receive an Alvin and the Chipmunks toy, and although I told the drive through that he was a boy, they seemed to think his toy needed to be...a....My little Pony.

Yeah. He was.not.thrilled.

How not thrilled?  Well.....you be the judge...

Didn't catch that?  Yeah...let me get it a little closer for ya....

His plan?  To run it over with his "awesome big wheel".  It was either that, or put it in his brother's room because "he's a girl mom".  This was after he threw it into the bag and demanded that I take him back to McD's to get the "right toy".  (Yeah..I was five miles away and not turning around).

So the end of the Funday Monday was a little bit of a bummer, but I think if he is successful in destroying the toy via a random drive-by (or sneaking it into the Cadette's room), it just might be back on track.

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The Girl Next Door said...

Totally cute day - hilarious that he wanted to run it over!