Mr. Heat Miser.....

The King's hair had grown out pretty significantly. Since he typically has a really short buzz-cut, it all tends to grow out at the same length. It has (obviously) been a while since somebody has gotten a haircut...and of late he has asked me to "spike it" in the mornings before he heads off to school. On Friday, the hair spiked really high (reminding me that he was in desperate need of a visit to the barber). I just couldn't resist snapping off a quick pic before he left for school. So ladies and gents...I present to you.....


(He's Mr. Heat Miser - He's Mr. Sun. He's Mr. Green Christmas. He's Mr. Hundred and one...)

Which led me to this morning. And a haircut for the King. Yes it can still be spiked, as he didn't want it to be buzzed this time. He only wanted a "trim". I think the spiking thing has (gulp)...gone to his head.
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