Senior Night on Wednesday

As I indicated in the video below, Wednesday night was Senior Night for the Wrestlers. It was their last Home match as an HMS Wildcat Grappler. There was a rose presentation to Mom's, and an introduction to the Corps. Obviously, Catpain Oz and I were very thrilled to be able to escort the Cadet that evening - as well as very excited to see him wrestle in two matches.

As you know, the Cadet had hit kind of a dry spell in the wrestling arena - struggling to come back after his knee injury in December. It wasn't evident though on Wednesday night. As it was senior night, it was a dual meet (two different schools), and in the first Match, the Cadet's weight class was scheduled to wrestle last. He took the mat with his team down by 3 points in the overall team score. Oftentimes, our School loses the Team portions of the match, because we have a small squad - and are missing many of the lower weight classes (no 103, 112, 119, 125, 130). All of those register as a forfeit (along with some of the mid-weights). Yet with one match to go, we were within reach of a possible win!

The cadet fought hard, fought again, and continued to fight through 3 periods - winning the match by decision (points). That gave the team 3 points for his win, bringing the score to a tie. Then the team was given 1 point, as the team registered more wins than the other team (6 wins to 5) making it a Victory for the Home Team!! We had five weight class forfeits (accounting for their five wins) and each of our wrestlers recorded victory. Even more exciting, it was the first time in five years that HMS had beaten this team. All because the Cadet fought his heart out and won.

The second match against the second school was - well - 27 seconds long (see the video below) and a pin victory for the Cadet. Unfortunately, the overall team score was a bummer - lost by 2 - had we had a weight class or two not forfeited...we probably would have pulled a win out on that one as well!

Congrats to my Senior Grappler. It has been fun watching you learn and grow throughout the last four years.
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